Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jacksonville Food Trucks

Super Food Truck Jacksonville

Fantabulous gourmet menu!

Quesadilla -- slow roasted pork, Mexican Cheese, honey lime slaw and the best guacamole in Jax!

Mac and Cheese Balls with Lime Aoili -- Delish!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's Photo Bites - Speckled Hen Tavern

Speckled Hen Tavern -- Jacksonville, Fl
Rating on the Nom...Nom...Nom scale!

Clam, Bacon Corn Chowder (almost a Bisque) Very Tasty!

Fried Green Heirloom Tomatoes with Garlic Aoili (Cornmeal breading had a great texture)

Fried Flounder Sandwich (same cornmeal breading on thick cut of flounder ) homemade kettle chips

When:  Lunch 1:30pm

Meal:  Southern Fried Flounder Sandwich with house-made tarter and house-made kettle chips

Price:  $8.95

Atmosphere:  Casual with warm woods and high booths.

Big Boo Boo's:  Please...Please...Please -- Do not sit down or crouch at the table when taking my order...Sooooo unprofessional -- ugh!

Perfect vibe for one of Speckled Hen's craft beers and eclectic food.  I have been here numerous times and have never been disappointed with the fare.  Menu changes seasonally, so make sure if you haven't primed your palate here in a while to hit up Speckled Hen and taste some of the newest menu items.

I l.o.v.e. the food here!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Camping at Ginnie Springs, Fl

Some beautiful shots from my camping trip this weekend...
Simply S.E.R.E.N.E.......
There is nothing more beautiful than being able to see directly to the bottom of a spring.

Ginnie Springs is a scuba enthusiasts paradise.

This log on the campfire resembled a beautifully gnarled face.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

German Schnitzel Haus Jacksonville Fl

Jagerschnitzel and Bratkartoffein

Rating on the Nom...Nom...Nom Scale

When: Lunch 1:00pm

Meal: Jagerschnitzel with Bratkartoffein and Spatzel sides 
Jagerschnitzel -- thinly pounded pork chop swimming in a light mushroom sauce, accompanied by Bratkartoffein (seasoned potato's with bacon and onion), side of house-made spatzel and complimentary hot bread knots with sweet oregano butter.

Price: $11.76 (with tax) 

Hmmnnn... I can't pronounce these food names with dignity, but who really cares...these dishes were D.E.L.I.S.H! Service (by the lovely Dana) was both speedy and done with a smile plus all items on the authentic German menu are house-made.

GSH Interior
Warm brick and dark woods give this awesome eatery a casual 'kicked back' feel.  Prices for lunch average between $6.99 - $10.99 and the average dinner menu item runs $16.99.

There is a separate menu for wood-fired brick oven pizza's but I am not going to enable GSH's food identity crisis by crossing over the German-inspired-beautiful-bites-border!

Definitely a new chomping spot for me!